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MediaInflame is a fast growing startup with a team size of 10+ quality persons. We are located in Indore, India. Our aim is to help other startups in achieving their goals by providing our technical expertise.
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Big Data Analytics services

MediaInflame provides big data analytics service implementation solutions for assistance undertakings incorporate and unite huge volumes of data from different sources, changing crude data into profitable data resources for quicker and precise analytics, basic leadership and computerization. Our big data analytics solutions help organizations drive client, operational, industry-explicit and IoT results through prescient, prescriptive, symptomatic and intellectual examination.


Utilizing our business area ability, we help customers in incorporating Big Data into their general IT guide, planner and execute the Big Solution to take your business to the following level. With a conviction that ventures will depend on Big Data for a wide range of basic leadership, MediaInflame group has concentrated on the conveyance and sending of Big Data analytics service to help undertaking with vital basic leadership.


Our Big Data analytics services help in breaking down the voluminous data to give you the most profound bits of knowledge into unfamiliar potential outcomes. Our data researchers have a unique approach to develop solution that breaks down each snippet of data before taking any basic business choice.


Big Data Analytics Solutions incorporates


  • Data Quality and Discovery


  • Pattern Analysis and Matching


  • Semantic and Sentiment Analysis


  • Prescient Analytics


  • Computer based intelligence Video Analytics


  • Network and Cluster Analysis


  • Graph Database Analysis


Advanced Analytics Solution Providers


IoT Analytics Solutions


Real Time Data Ingestion, Processing for IoT and Industrial IoT answers for assembling Industries. With Reactive Platform empowers to convey continuous Actions. Ongoing Analytics and Monitoring encourages us to give Valuable Insights to the business and Customers.


Profound Learning and Advanced Analytics Solutions


Profound learning and Advanced Analytics Solutions incorporates PC vision, Natural language preparing (NLP) and Forecasting and enhancement innovations to empower the New Insights, Patterns, and potential outcomes.

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